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A Mystic Mirror
  • A Mystic Mirror
    Mystic Garden
  • Bamboo 1
  • Dankar Tibetan Monastery
    Dankar Tibetan Monastery, Northern India
  • Devon Shepherd Caravan
    Devon scene
  • Ganges Bather
    Ganges bather
  • Hibernation
    Hibernation 1
  • Hibernation 2
    Hibernation 2
  • Kaza HHDL Day 2
    Kaza, Northern India
  • Key Monastery Roof
    The roof at Key Monastery
  • Nako Tib Vil India
    Nako Tibetan Village, Northern India
  • Northern-France
    Beach scene Northern France
  • Paignton Beach Devon
    Paignton beach, Devon, washed up flat pebbles on the beach
  • Stork Extremadura Spain
    Stork's nest, Extremadura, Spain
  • St Martin Cartwheel
    Cartwheel in the street, St Martin, Spain
  • St Martin Cellar
    Cellar, St Martin, Extremadura, Spain
  • Swallow St Martin
    Swallow on nest, St Martin, Extremadura
  • Taking In The View
    Taking in the view
  • View From Key 1
    View from Key Monastery
  • Waterlilly
  • Yorkshire Misty Morning
    Misty morning, Yorkshire, UK

  • Tibetan Pilgrim, Lhasa, Tibet.
    India & Tibet Gallery - Pilgrim at the Jokang Temple, Lhasa, Tibet.
  • Boys Jokhang
    India & Tibet Gallery - Young boys at the Jokang Temple, Lhasa, Tibet.
  • Varanasi-steps
    India & Tibet Gallery - Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. On the crowded steps that run down to the sacred river Ganges.
  • Butterfly Yellow Daisy
    Nature & Wildlife Gallery - Slovenia, where I found many insects and flowers.
  • Beetle Slovenia
    Nature & Wildlife Gallery - Slovenia, a furry beetle on a pink bloom.
  • Eggs on Paper.
    The Others Gallery - Eggs scanned on my flatbed results in a luminous quality. Set on a dark background.
  • Tree Skeleton, Anso Valley, Pyrenees
    Landscape Gallery - Fallen, an old skeleton tree bleached white, high in the Anso Valley (Mt. Tres Reyes), the Pyrenees, gentle misty light.
  • Logarska Dolina
    Landscape Gallery - The intimate and beautiful Logarska Dolina national treasure in Slovenia.
  • Old Boat
    The Others Gallery - Vivid paint peeling on an old boat, now home to swallows, in Slovenia.
  • Wrathful
    Patterns Gallery - A kaleidoscope constructed image.

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A Mystic Mirror